“GiftBuds” is a platform to explore Gifts for any occasions in your personal or corporate life. We give plenty of options suiting your budget and most importantly, we will be able to totally customized as per your requirements. If you are struggling while selecting gifts for your stakeholders and loved & dear ones, your brilliant employees, loyal customers, worthy suppliers & partners. Then we are glad to say that GiftBuds can take this responsibility. All you need to do is brief us about their interests, favorites, hobbies etc and we will customize gifts for you to make sure they will be mesmerized & have a long lasting impression in their life.

              With our experience & creative team, we are successfully catering Corporates, Wedding, Personalized Gifting, Birthdays & Baby Showers. Giftbuds is not just a marketplace, we will like to meet you in person, understand your requirements and showcase in person, the best apt gifting options.

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Ashwini Bhavsar - Shah

Email: giftbuds@outlook.com

GiftBuds, is much as a passion for me rather just a Company. I see to it that the clients associated gets more than Value for Money with a pinch of change in taste of what the world calls as “Corporate Gifting”. Yes, we add and have our own style and thanks to my creative team for that. Before taking the entrepreneur assignment, my past experience of working with Corporate Giant like SBI Life Insurance, With a IT Startup and being an Institutional Coach at a Reputed Institute brought the real experience and understanding of Industry side as well. To support on the theoretical part and aspects, an MBA in Marketing from RMIT, Nashik with a background of Engineering in IT from KK Wagh was always there.

Looking forward, I see a strong growth and vision a different era of Corporate Gifting to start and GiftBuds will be the Ace of Spades in that. Cheers.


Regional head - Nashik

Shreya Rangari

Email: giftbuds.shreya@outlook.com

Before joining GiftBuds many events in my life have made me who I am today. Graduated from the University of Pune with a business degree.  Worked for MICO as an apprentice trainee for a year, where I learned about the working of the corporate culture.Being a creative person, I discovered my love and passion for creativity when I was working as a school teacher for 3 years.

Besides reading and writing, I indulge in dancing, singing, cooking, warli painting and making handmade paper articles. I am a simple and confident woman who believes in the power of creativity and innovation.

Shreya Rangari

Freelance - Graphic Designer

Chinmay Pednekar

Graphic Designing is a passion for me . I always make sure that my design will always mesmerize my clients heart. Before taking the any project, my current experience of working with Corporate Giant like Axis Bank, PMC bank, Bharat bank and Event factory brought the real experience and understanding of Industry side as well.
Looking forward, I see a strong growth in my designing sense & aesthetics.

Chinmay Pednekar

Freelance - Content Writer

Shweta Sonawane

I am marketer turned passionate writer with a dedication to excellence for a broad range of industries such as Food, Cosmetics, Technology, Gifting, Health that includes Website Content, Social Media, Video Script, Blog writing and copy writing. I put my passion into words to connect with the right audience.

I am obsessed with creating innovative content that’s absurdly useful and effective.I am a curious writer who has donned many hats.  My voice is clear, succinct, and memorable.  Above all, I genuinely care about my work and the impact it creates on others.


Shweta Sonawane

Backend Support Executive

Kishori More

Innovative, curious and investigative, that defines Kishori. In the pre-project phase or during planning sessions, she focuses on evaluating the feasibility of a project, its concrete and logistical requirements – keeping regulatory demands in mind. Her vast experience in modern Gift Rapping made GiftBuds one of the competitive players in the industry.